Artist collaboration unveiled this Friday

Deanna Mance and Maria Mangano will unveil their artistic collaboration, “The Forest Through the Trees” at The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s 709 Penn Gallery on Friday, November 5, 2010. The exhibit reveals the two artists’ perspectives on nature and humanity, which they convey through corresponding motifs and patterns. The exhibit is presented by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.

Mance and Mangano used various techniques to produce their collaborative body of work. They completed one large piece by simultaneously drawing and painting, while others were created between the two artists, using a timer to vary the dimensions and time periods each worked on a piece. By combining these spontaneous drawing methods with their individual styles, Mance and Mangano were able to create a new artistic language to better represent nature’s “chaos and order, systems and searching”.

As the artists note, “The melding of figurative and abstract qualities in our collaborative work has allowed us to delve more deeply into our individual searches for artistic – and other – truths, while becoming enriched by the other’s perspective.”

Deanna Mance has lived in Pittsburgh since 2001 and has worked as a practicing artist for eight years, showing regionally and internationally in London. Employing freehand drawing and printmaking techniques, Mance uses a variety of media, including ink, acrylics, graphite, tea-stained paper, wood and organic materials. “In my art, I strive to reveal the inner workings of nature and life as I imagine them, capturing the spirit and beauty of nature’s mechanics,” Mance says.

Maria Mangano is a native of Syracuse, New York and moved to Pittsburgh in 2002 to earn her BFA from Carnegie Mellon University. Mangano has exhibited locally and regionally, including Pittsburgh’s Fe Gallery, Future Tenant and the Gallery on Baum. To create her two-dimension works and installations, Mangano uses a combination of intaglio printmaking, drawing, watercolor and paper sculpture. “I employ the visual and conceptual techniques of the natural history curator to consider nature and humanity’s interpretation of and relationship to it,” Mangano says.

709 Penn Gallery is located on 709 Penn Ave / Cultural District. Pittsburgh

Opening Night Reception / November 5th 6 pm – 8 pm

Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Thursday 11am – 6pm; Friday & Saturday 11am – 8pm